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Daily Tips and Tricks

You know that technology has become a very important role in our lives.Now you need to keep information about it, this light here we provide you with Tech Tips and Tricks. Here you will get daily updates of Tech Tricks and Tips. Most of the posts will be found here in English, but you will also get some important information and tips in Hindi, which will be very useful for you.


Computer and mobile games have grow very well in 2020, which has increased the desire of all people. Some games are such that he has broken all the records so far as you all know. Here you will continue to get his related tricks and simple tricks too.

Shopping Deals

Nowadays, everyone does more online shopping than buying things from the local market. But online shopping has to be very careful so that nothing goes wrong with you. There is a very popular website in our country for online shopping, where you get many good offers. If you do not know how you can buy anything cheaply, then you will get to see its related updates here too. This will benefit you more and you can save more money.

Coupon Code

If you buy anything online or wish to buy it, then you need to go through the coupon code. If you have added anything to your cart, you see an option to enter coupon code while checking out. Now if you enter a valid coupon code, you can get a very good discount too. In this way also you will have more ease in shopping online and you can also save some money.

Recharge Promo Code

Now you will probably know that most people recharge their mobile through online digital, because it will get you some cashback and you do not need to go anywhere. When you recharge online, it is very important to know the promo code to get a good cashback, otherwise you do not get that cashback.

Free App and Games Download

Android smartphone is the most popular mobile phone that is available to everyone. You can install any game or application in it, But when you search on Google Play Store, you will get to see millions of applications and games. So how do you know which one is the best? We will give you that information here so that you will be more easy to find any application or games.