Apple Pie Apk V1.2. Free Download, Is it Steal your Data ?

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Apple Pie Apk. What is It ? All Facts About Apple Pie Android App. Free Download Link, Full Detail. Someone Send You in Whatsaap ?

Hi Guys, Welcome to our blog EGA ( Eco Green Apple ). Today I will tell you about all facts of Apple Pie APK. If you are reading this article, then you will have some questions about Apple Pie APK in your mind. What is apple pie apk ? is it steal my data or something else and many more things. Read this post and you will find the answers to all of your questions.

Today there will hardly be anyone who does not use Whatsapp. Today, whether or not there is any other application in everyone’s phone, Whatsapp definitely remains. And all people use it very much in their daily life. What you want to know about Apple Pie Application is related to it. Because this application is neither in Google Play Store nor any other secure app download platform. It is only getting forwarded to the message of WhatsApp by your friends or someone else in Whatsapp groups.

There is a massage which is going viral in Whatsapp these days, in which it has been asked to download such Apk. On which Apple Pie is written and it comes directly in Whatsapp, if you search it in Google Play Store or other secure android app download platform, you will not see any such application of related name.

Simple Fact About Apple Pie Apk

Some people downloaded this android app and they all are worried about that is this app stealing their private data or any information ? This article contains all the information about this app. Don’t worry, this app is not stealing any of your private data or selling your private information. But keep in mind that this application is quite dangerous for you. Which you have to take care of, and if you get any message on WhatsApp that you download this app, you should not and Ignore it.

Simple Fact About Apple Pie Apk
Simple Fact About Apple Pie Apk

The logo given above is of the same app in which the photo of the founder of Apple Company has been put. Which increases the desire to download this app. This app neither belongs to Apple Company or is not related to Apple inc. This app is not Hacking android app or steals any of your private data. This is just a Prank App. you can make your friends very uncomfortable with this. But one thing has to be kept in mind that, with this app your friend may face a lot of embarrassment.

How is it Worked ?

The way of working of this app is very different and how you can disturb your friend with it. If your friend downloads this app and he will be in a public places, then no-doubt he will feel very embarrassed. Let’s see how this application will work. Everyone’s phone volume is never silent, you all know. You downloaded this and as soon as you open this app, you will hear loud sound of Porn Video.

Now you only think what will happen if you will be in any public place and there will be lots of people around you and the sound of Porn Video starts ringing loudly in your phone. You will be very embarrassed. You will be very embarrassed and you will feel tense. If you instant lock your phone then it will not be sound stopped, it will remain on. To stopped this Porn Video sound, you have to exit from this app by pressing the back button. But then you cannot think of this idea. I am sure that you will switch off your phone.

Now this is the second thing. This is not a END, as soon as you install and open the app, the sound of Porn Video will ring and some other things will happens with your phone. You cannot even imagine that, after a some time your lock scree wallpaper instantly will change to a Nude Porn Star photos. Now with this you are in Pubic Place and if you want to use your phone and you do not know, your lock scree wallpaper will change like this. Imagine what would happen if you were in a train and all these things started happening to you. You will be so embarrassed

Having all this will not end. The third thing will be that with the change of lock scree wallpaper, Home scree wallpaper will also change. It will be a new Nude Porn Star wallpaper. Now imagine what will happen if all these things happen to you or with your friends. If you are alone and all this happened then there is no problem. The biggest thing is that if this happened to you when you happened to be in a public place and there are many more people or family people around you. You cannot even imagine what will happen to you or your friend.

How to Download Apple Pie Apk

You too want to download this app and if you want to prank you with your friends, you can. Below you can see Download Button. You can easily download it from here. But take care of one thing that you do not install in your phone, and if you want to see how this app works, you can definitely do it. There will be no theft of your private data. Just keep in mind that if you are alone then only open this Apple Pie App so that you do not have any problem. And keep your mobile headphones connected so that only you can hear the sound.


Size 1.4 Mb
Language English
Required Android VersionAndroid 4.0 and above
App TypePrank App
Release DateUnknown
App Version 1.0.0
App RatingsNone
Root RequiredNo

How to Stay Away From Harmful Android App

  • Along with useful massages in the Whats app, there are many other harmless massages too. There are many such applications shared in Whatsapp Groups many times. Never download such unknown application. Sometimes a virus application is also accidentally shared. So that the chances of theft of your personal data or OTP are increased.
  • Whatever application you want to download in your Android phone, always download it with from Google Play Store. Other than that, do not do anything else, so that your Android phone will always be safe.
  • If you want to download a some other app that is not in the Google Play Store. So do not download it, because the safe and secure application is definitely available in the Google Play Store.
  • Every application that is installed in your Android Phone requires different types of Permission. So do not allow everyone. Allow it only if you think it necessary.
  • Do not install any aap or games in your Android smartphone by downloading from other sites, which is not of your use.
  • Final Word- Always Use a Google Playstore and other safe platform to Download android app and android Games.


  1. Is it safe ? – No, such an app is not safe for your android phone. If you talk about this app then it’s just a prank app but it comes with a many bug, Which can reduce the speed of your Android phone, or it makes useless space in your phone. So I advise you not to download such apps to your Android phone.
  2. Is it steal your Data ? – No, till now nothing has proved that this application is stealing your data or any information. Even it is not even asking for any permission to read your data, contacts or internet. This is prove that it is not collecting or sending any data from your android phones.
  3. You should to Install ? – No, there is no need to install this application in your smartphone. It is a useless but If you want to prank with your friends then you can send it to your friends.


Apple pie apk is just a prank app and it is not stealing their private data or any information. so don’t worry about it. I don’t think so you have to install in your android phone. Because such an app is not safe for your smartphone. Always Stay Away from such useless android app.

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