Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks 2020.

How to get a free PUBG UC in 2020 ? Free Redeem Code, Free UC Earning, Cash, Simple Hacks, Free UC Generators and Many More. Latest anti-ban trick to get a free UC in PUBG. Working in Mobile and PC Emulator.

Hi Friends Welcome to our blog EGA (Eco Green Apple). Today I will tell you How to get a free PUBG UC in 2020. It is legal and very simple to understand. i hop you like it and keep your Precious support. PUBG become a very popular and get a top position in google and apple app store in some time. This is the latest PUBG UC tricks, you can use by your own way and earn unlimited.

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If we talk about PUBG in India. More then million players daily play and enjoy this game currently. It make a Big revolution in E-Sports in India. Also Tensent arrange a many national and international best playing event and gives a huge amount of reward to best players and winning team. If you are good in this game and your states are powerful. I strongly suggest, you should to try and make a perfect team to participate competitive platform of PUBG.

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You better know many best players available in YouTube, who stream daily and get a millions of viewe in each video or live stream. Many people give them a valuable support. Recently many gamer get a millions of subscribers and get a place in to India’s top youtubers.

Now everyone does not have enough money to buy UC directly from google play store. Who always try to find get it in cheap rate or how to get free ?. This post is dedicated to this type gamer.

Get a Great Discounts on Google Play Store and Make More Cheaper.

Generally you need to purchase UC in pubg to get a any premium outfits, Royal pass weapon skins, helmet skins, open premium crates, weapon skins upgrades and many more. If you try to purchase a UC it will be done through a Google Play Store. I think you Know already. Because all game purchase is managed and transaction through a google. Because now days It is trusted and secure platform.

There is no doubt that you will never face any problem in google play store. Don’t have to worry about it. Google also gives a many discount on in game purchase. So you can get a advantages of it and you will get a lower price then regular prices. There is an offer running now on Google Play Store. Which offers you a great deals and discounts for PUBG and Free-fire. This is best way to get Free PUBG UC.

Now you will get a 50 percent to 70 percent off for in app purchase. you can save a huge in purchase of big amount of UC. but it is only applicable on more then 400 INR. You can save a 50 percent save or get double at regular price.

Current offers

  • You can get a 50 Percent of of any free fire game app purchase.
  • .Good Discount on Carrom Pool and 8 Ball Pool.
  • If you spent more then 400, you will get a 200 Indian rupees off.
  • Great offers in Premium outfits in PUBG.
  • Best deals on Octro Teen Patti.
  • You can get up to 100 cashback on google play store first purchase, when you pay from PayTm UPI.
  • Best deals and great discount will change every month. So you can tuned with it.

Google Play Store Link

Earn Google Opinion Reward and Convert into UC

Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks 2020 1
Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks 2020

Many ways to earn google opinion reward. you can find your easy way by search in google. In a simple word it not to hard. If you gives a information of unknown map places or locate into google maps, then you will get a small amount of reward.

There is many way to earn it. Also it is one of the best way, If you fill a any simple survey from google and it is valid then you may get a good amount of reward. you will use it in future google play transactions. It is a legal and genuine way to earn more and it is not take tour too much time. If you have more then one google account, so you better know what you should do.

Also you can find many tricks how to get good amount of google opinion reward easily videos in you tube. It is another legal way to get free PUBG UC.

Get 660 Free PUBG UC Pack Free in Flipkart.

Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks 2020 3

Flipkart recently launch a new features. In this features if you buy anything shop from flipkart you will get a free gold super coin into your Flipkart account. You will get maximum 4 gold super coins per 100 rupees shopping. Today all of us do a lot of online shopping, we all know this and Flipkart is India’s best online store and liked by the millions of Indian people.

Now no one buy mobile from local shops. Also you are not. Everyone orders mobile and other electronic items online and more people like Flipkart than Amazon. So you can order anything from Flipkart and get reward in to gold super coins. If you have a enough super coins you can convert in to free PUBG UC.

Offer Detail

  • You can convert your gold super coins into Free 660 UC pack.
  • Applicable only for mobile user.
  • You can claim maximum once per account
  • You can’t refund or transfer to other account.
  • Redeem voucher is working from 15 days of issue.

Attend Surveys and Get Free Google Play Redemption Code

Many survey company that gives you a few simple questions in his surveys, you have to answer them, and in return you will get a many attractive rewards.You can login to such survey website and become part of it and get a reward like a Flipkart, Amazon voucher, Google play vouchers and many more.

Free PUBG UC Generator

Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks 2020 4
Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks 2020

Many third parties websites available which is auto increase UC in to your game account. also this method is mostly used by many gamer but it is comes with some risk. May you account will banned from game server, If they found some suspicious activity into your account or may be you your account get hacked by someone. So i never recommended this method to use.

You can found many website, who hack and generate free PUBG UC for you but most of it is fake and if some of that may be worked for you and increase a chances to ban your account.

Complete In Game Bonus Challenges

Many bonus challenges available in game. You can try to do it and may be you will get a best bonus for you. This is renew weakly. If you completed some challenges you will good amount of free UC. You can see this challenges in left top bar in your game lobby.

Play in Custom Rooms and get Free Royal Pass and UC

You better know many best players available in YouTube, who stream daily and get a millions of viewe in each video or live stream. Many people give them a valuable support. Recently many gamer get a millions of subscribers and get a place in to India’s top Youtubers.

Some Yourtuber for grow his YouTube channel arrange a custom room battle of PUBG and winning price is Free Royal Pass or UC. Also you can participate in giveaway.

You Can buy Cheap UC From

Many broker or agent website are available in internet who gives you a game cash many cheaper. I don’t know exactly but i hear about this site from many friends. I don’t know it is a right way or not and it is right choice or not. others tricks are defiantly working but i not take any responsibility for it but you can check by your self.

Must Read carefully it’s all privacy policy and disclaimers before you spent.

It is a simple website and just a work like a broker or agent. i don’t know exactly but i hear about this site from many friends. I don’t know it is a right way or not and it is right choice. others tricks are defiantly working and safe method. This is only for your information. i never suggest this method to you. You can buy UC from this website but keep in mind read it’s all privacy policy and disclaimers carefully before you spent money from there.


You can find a many ways to get a Free PUBG UC or cheap. Its all depend on you which is best method for you but all tricks are genuine and working. i hope you like it and keep your valuable support in our blog. Thank You for spent you time hear to read Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks.

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