Top 3 Method to Type Hindi In Whatsapp or any Social Media PLATFORM. Easy and Fast Methods.

How to Type Hindi in Whatsapp or Any language.

Hello Guys, Welcome to our Blog Eco Green Apple, Today Comes with a new tutorial which is TOP 3 METHOD TO TYPE HINDI IN WHATSAPP OR REGIONAL LANGUAGE. i hope its become a very helpful for you. WhatsApp App is an International freeware, Block-platform messaging and Voice over IP service operated by Facebook, Inc., or simply WhatsApp. It allows people to send text and voice messages, making voice and video calls, and exchange photos, information, positions for visitors, and other things. WhatsApp’s software program operates on mobile devices but is still available from personal computers, ensuring that the user’s mobile device stays connected to the Internet when accessing the web app.

The service allows people to access the provider with a regular telephone phone number to login with. WhatsApp launched a new enterprise app for businesses in January 2018, which named by WhatsApp Business, to allow companies to connect with consumers using the regular WhatsApp customer.

WhatsApp is available for free download Mobile chat software. WhatsApp uses the web to share notes, images, audio or video. However, the app is somewhat similar to text messaging systems, although WhatsApp uses the internet to deliver messages, the value of using WhatsApp is considerably smaller than texting. On your phone, you can still use Whatsapp, just go to the Whatsapp website and import it to Mac or Windows. It’s popular among youngsters due to features such as group messaging, voicemails and locations share.

It now has One billion users all over the globally and is the largest online messenger app on the market. Created from ex-Yahoo workers in 2009, it started as a small startup and swelled to 250,000 subscribers in just a few months, rising so quickly that they needed to add a fee to access the site every year to slow down the subscription process. WhatsApp was purchased from Facebook in 2014, and continued to expand, hitting the 1 billion threshold in July 2017.

Top 3 Method to Type Hindi in Whatsapp or Any Regional language.

Let us come to the main topic how to type Hindi in Whatsapp. Above you must have got information about this application, how it was made and how it became so popular. Everybody is using it a lot, but this entire feature is not known and a lot of people have a question that how to type in their regional language in WhatsApp. If you talk about the solution to your question, then there are many ways for it. We have selected the simplest method among them so that you do not face any problem.

The 3 methods given to you here are all completely different and you can do it on different platforms. If you will use it in Mac or windows, Mobile, Tablet, which is work on every devices. I think your all writing or typing problem will be solve by this 3 method. So you will have to search for any other method.

1 – Install Google Indic Keyboard on Your Android Smartphone

How to Type Hindi in Whatsapp or Any language 2.
How to Type Hindi in Whatsapp

It is a simple keyboard tool which is released by a google. I have use it more then a 4 years and never face any problem in it. Google Indic Keyboard helps users to send text messages on your Android phone, add them on social media or write emails in your mother tongue. At present it includes more than 10 national languages in keyboards

If you are able to read your languages on your device in its native script above, you will be able to download and use Google Indic Keyboard to enter your language; otherwise your phone does not accept your language. Google Indic Keyboard offers various input  types, such as a Transliteration mode, Native keyboard mode, Handwriting mode, and Hinglish mode.

In a Transliteration mode, you are type a “Good Morning” you can see a “गुड मॉर्निंग” in a writing section. it is easy and simple mode to all android smartphone users. If you use a Native keyboard mode you will direct see a native language words and last is Handwriting mode. In that mode you can directly write a any word of your native language and google indic keyboard automatically detect a correct word.

Hinglish mode is spacial features of a google indic keyboard. If you choose it and type anything, keyboard will automatic suggest a a both of native and English word which you want. that is very impressive feature of this app and if you talk about a my opinion in android phone or apple phone i have defiantly recommended only one app Google Indic Keyboard.


  • Support most of android versions ( Latest version required android 5.0 and later)
  • Included more then 10 Indian native languages.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Easy to use and very Fast tool for android smart phone.
  • Support all social media applications and many other platforms.
  • More then 5 million active users.
  • It is a editors choice and rated 4.9 of 5

How to install and use it in Android

  1. Download Via Playstore, You can see download link bellow.
  2. Open app and give some required permission.
  3. Go to settings and click on Language and input section.
  4. Select a Google indic Keyboard as a default keyboard of your android.
  5. Choose you input method, you can select a multiple native languages.
  6. Done !!

Using this keyboard you can write or type a any word or sentence in your regional language easily. i think this is a simple and effective method to type Hindi in whatsapp.

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2- Use Google Translate to Type Hindi Whatsapp

How to Type Hindi in Whatsapp or Any language 3

Google Translate is a free multi-lingual computational and artificial speech recognition tool,which is established by Google for the translation of text and sites from one language to another language. It offers a website gui, a desktop Android and iOS app, and a coding technology framework that lets developers create browser plugins, software and android . Google Translate recognizes 109 languages at different levels as of May 2020 and, as of April 2016, has reported around 500 million cumulative users, with much more than 100 billion terms translated everyday.

The question is, How to Type Hindi in Whatsapp using a Google Translate. So answer is, you need to select a your native language. Type anything in a type section of google translate. it will automatic detect and translate in to your preferred native language. It is a easy and simple to do it. Also you can select your mode which you prefer more. you can see it in bellow right side of the box.

Type anything which you want and you can see that word or sentence in your regional language. copy this word or sentence and past in to your whatsapp typing box any social media. Also available official app in android play store and apple ios store. you can easy find it or click on bellow link.

Click hear to Visit Google Translate Website

3- Other Alternative Application

How to Type Hindi in Whatsapp or Any language 4

You can easily find a best alternative app to type Hindi in whatsapp or any social media on google Play Store. Many app available to download and comes with many new features. But you will get related apps in your language, in which you will get one or more languages. I never used all those apps, so I cannot tell you review or user user interface about them. You have to download the particulate application yourself and see how it works.

There is also an app free in Google Play Store and you will have to spend money for some application. You can also get some apps with advertisements. So you have to see for yourself. But my advice is that instead of wasting time in all these, you need Google’s Indic Keyboard. it is one of the popular keyboard and i don’t think so you have to look for something else.

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